Benefits of Vlogging | Why You Should Vlog in 2022

Vlogging has been a trend lately, it became everyone’s dream to get a camera and travel around the world and show other people how nice he is, but sometimes people get confused about why they should start a vlogging journey in the first place! Well, today I’ve gathered a few possible reasons which are convincing enough to let you go out there and start vlogging. 

What are the benefits of vlogging? 

Here are a few reasons which can help you decide why you want to vlog, you’ll be amazed at how many reasons you will find, go ahead and read each one carefully.

  • It’s better than blogging
  • Making a living
  • Passion
  • Sharing information or culture with others
  • Documenting a journey
  • Fighting the fear of public speaking
  • Communicating with your family and friends
  • Promoting your business
  • Fame
  • Skills improvement
  • Tourism awareness

It’s better than blogging


Not really, but people tend to interact and enjoy a video rather than reading a boring 2000 or 3000 word article, it’s easier to express your feelings and opinions through a video, people will get what you say faster, they will enjoy watching the beautiful background voices or scenes.

If you already have a blog then this is a good chance to start vlogging right away. 

Making a living 


Another good reason for vlogging is making money! I mean who doesn’t want to make a lot of money, right? Most famous vloggers out there are making a lot of money using sponsored ads or promoting their own products or even other people’s products, big brands reach out to them and pay them for promoting their next product, so this is a pretty good reason to start vlogging. 



You might just get a feeling that you should start vlogging about your life, for no obvious reason, you just want to do it, you want to let people know about a certain experience you’re having right now, you want to show them something cool… Etc. 

Sharing information or culture with others


Traveling a lot? Or maybe you have a lot of knowledge or experience about something and want to teach or let people know about it. 

Either way, this is a very good reason to start vlogging, if you travel a lot, the chances of seeing something weird or new are big, a weird tradition, an exotic food or a strange animal… the list goes on and on.

You don’t want people to miss any of these moments, right? 

Documenting a journey


It doesn’t have to be a trip to Europe or Asia, but also journey is long way to achieve something like a goal or a small dream, documenting this journey is so useful because it will show people what kind of obstacles they will see before actually starting the journey, or it’s a good diary for you to re-watch in the future and smile. 

Fighting the fear of public speaking


I suffered from something similar to this, I hated to take photos of myself, I was a sort of an introvert, talking in front of just yourself is different from talking in front of 1000s of people, vlogging should help you with this problem, then more videos you make the more confident you become, eventually, when you get rid of the public speaking issue your life will be full of opportunities. 

Communicating with your family and friends


Imagine yourself living in a foreign country, away from your family and friends, how would they you’re okay? Yeah, I know texting and video calling is the solution but here’s a better one, shooting videos on a daily basis showing your family and friends how it’s like living in another continent, more people will see you at the same time, you won’t have to call each and every one of them to let them know you’re OK. 

Promoting your business


Videos are a great way to communicate with people or in this case your customers, when people get to know you better they will trust you even more, in business, trust is an important factor for your business to succeed, it doesn’t matter if you have a small business or a huge one, it doesn’t matter if it’s a local business or just a small service, when people like and trust you they will want to buy more from you. 



This is a big one, everybody wants to be famous, right? Well, not everyone but most of us do. 

Vlogging is a popular way right now to put you on the list of famous people. 

Along with other vloggers, YouTubers and even movie stars, growing a YouTube channel has never been easier, you just need to be consistent. 

Skills improvement


Vlogging is not just about making money and being famous. 

Video editing

Along the way, as you make more videos you’ll discover that you need to edit them, that includes trimming boring stuff, adding some sound and visual effects and maybe some text as well. 

It may seem scary but with time, you’ll develop a new skill which may benefit you in the future. 

Graphic Design 

To attract more people to your videos you need to create eye catching thumbnails, well… that requires some editing skills using software like Adobe Photoshop or a more simple software called Canva. 


Remember public speaking, yes, more videos mean more confidence, this is an important issue that you should get rid of soon to open up new opportunities. 

Tourism awareness


It may not become obvious enough but the fact is vlogging is a great way to promote your country’s best places, vlogging encourages viewers to visit the vlogger’s home country or even other countries the vlogger has been to, it’s a great way to let people know how great and beautiful your country is. 

How to keep vlogging until you make it


One of the most important keys to success is consistency, it’s hard to keep making new videos everyday or every week if you don’t have the right motive, what is it? Money? Fame? Keep reminding yourself why you started vlogging in the first place so you can push yourself to the end. 

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