Best Keyboard for Big Hands 2022

Have big hands or fingers? It’s annoying when you have big hands and you’re a gamer at the same time, your finger slips and presses the wrong key every time, the keys are flat, small and there’s no space between each one. 

But don’t worry, because in this post you’re going to see different types of keywords that you can choose from, keywords with bigger keys with/or enough space between each key. 

They are usually about 20% wider than the standard keyboards. A keyboard for big hands will usually have at least 2 additional inches of space on either side of the keys, but the increased spacing can be customizable.

They’re designed to be used by people who have large hands and fingers or suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand-related injuries that make it difficult to use a traditional keyboard. The keys on a large keyboard are placed in a comfortable position so that you can type with less stress on your wrists and hands.

These large key keyboards are a perfect gift for seniors having vision problems.

Best Keyboard for Big Hands

Below are some of the keyboards that are designed to help people with vision problems or bad eyesight to see the letters clearly while typing, it’s also a good fit for you because the keys are big enough (1 inch-squared) and the spacing is good so you don’t make a lot of mistakes and press the wrong letter. 

Large-Key Wireless VisionBoard Computer Keyboard

This one from Chester Creek is a wireless keyboard which means you can use it on a lot of devices including your big screen TV, desktop computer, laptop, personal digital assistant, mobile phone or pocket computer. 

The good thing about which we’re looking for is it has big 1″ square keys, which means less mistakes and less eye strain. 

With a long battery life, you can use it for a long time without having to recharge a lot, the operating range is 100 foot so you can move wherever you want. 

It also has a low battery indicator and 2 AAA batteries included, you also don’t have to install any drivers to make it work. 

It comes in two colors, black keys with white letters or white keys with black letters. 


The letters don’t wear off quickly. 

Enough spacing between each key. 


No USB connector. 

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Chester Creek Ablenet BigBlu VisionBoard Large Keys Bluetooth

Another one from Chester Creek but this time it connects to your computer via Bluetooth, the letters are printed on a 1 inch-squared keys, it wasn’t tested on any operating systems other than Windows but it may work on Mac and Android devices. 

It comes in 3 colors: Blue, Black and white. 

There are two versions of this keyboard, one for Windows and the other is for Mac OS, so make sure to order the right one. 

The battery lasts for 90 days or more. 


No Quick Start Guide but their website has one.

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AbleNet BigKeys LX Large Print Computer Keyboard USB Wired

This one is more expensive, I didn’t find any reason for that but a possible reason would be because of the quality of the keys, the keyboard is built with the visually impaired in mind, they find its color more comfortable which is white letters on black keys, the keys size is also 1 inch-squared, the connection type is a USB connector. 


I’m not sure if it supports Mac OS or not, call their support team first before you order. 

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Ablenet BigKeys LX

Another pricey keyboard from Ablenet, maybe the quality of their keyboards justifies the high price, anyways, the keys size is the same as the previous ones which is 1 inch-squared, a full featured keyboard containing special characters and function keys F1-F12, the keyboard has a good feature which prevents typing the same letter more than once if the key is held down for a while.

The main connection method is a USB connector which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. 

No drivers or special software required to run this keyboard, just plug it in place of the old one. 

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LogicKeyboard Large Print White Characters on Black Keys

This mini keyboard is more meant for Apple fans, it’s designed specifically to work with Apple devices, you can use it to control your iPhone, iPad or Mac, Windows users can also use this mini keyboard. 

The keyboard is black with white letters, it utilizes the Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer or smartphone. 


Apple functionality.


Overall size is small. 

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Large Print USB Wired Computer Keyboard

This one from Keys-U-See is a bit cheap, designed specially to help people with vision problems, but people with big hands or fingers can use it as well. 

The spacing between each letter helps you make less mistakes and it feels more like a typewriter. 


Noisy keys. 

Keys are susceptible to sticking sometimes. 

Letters will wear off after a while. 

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Matias FK302QPC Quiet Pro Keyboard

A bit different from the ones above, this mechanical keyboard from Matias is well made so the letters will never wear out because the letters are laser etched. 

The noise generated is the same as a standard keyboard. 

It works on both Windows and Linux with the ability to connect it to your computer using a USB connector. 

Designed carefully so your fingers won’t slip when typing, plus there’s enough space between each key. 


Letters won’t wear off any time soon. 


3 USB ports to plug in flash drives or digital cameras. 


Your may face some issues with this keyboard. 

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