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Hey, this is Chris from GeeksState.com, Thank you for stopping by 🙂

shawky khalil

I’m a 24-year-old Engineering graduate, I like a lot of stuff including technology especially things that work on autopilot or things that are automated or run using AI, it’s great how we can use technology to document our daily life using vlogging, everybody makes mistakes, right? so some of us need help choosing the best gear for vlogging like the best mic and camera…etc, but a great video or vlog is not complete without some tips and tricks in order to come up with a masterpiece that your audience will enjoy watching and sharing.

Finally, if you have any issues that’s related to PCs or you want me to write about topics you have in mind just let me know by sending an email or commenting on any of my posts.

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Cheers & have a techy day 😀

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