Wearable Computer Advantages And Disadvantages

Scientists and tech geeks or enthusiasts can’t just get enough, can they? Computers are great and we use it every day, not just laptops or desktop computers but smartphones as well. 

wearable computers are another type of future technology, a wearable computer is a small device that you can wear or put on or around your body, a quick example would be a smartwatch which does the job of a smartphone. 

Other examples are necklaces, glasses, special clothes or any device that can be worn on or around your body. 

In this post, we’re going to discover the advantages and disadvantages of wearable computers along with other future ideas that can be implemented in the future. 

How wearable computers work 

Wearable computers are provided with sensors to monitor body activity like heart and brain and muscle activity, 

Examples of wearable computers 

Any technology that can be worn on a human body is called a wearable computer, so we can assume smartwatches, Wristband, shoes, clothes, glasses… and the list goes on. 

Another good example is the fitness tracker which is a wearable device that can be worn around your wrist, it measures your calories, heart rate and the distance you walk. 

Wearable computer advantages 


Wearable computers or devices are widely known in the health industry, they can be used to track physical activity to help people monitor their body activity better, like the fitness tracker mentioned above. 

Disabled People

This can be a great technology for people with disabilities, people who lost their limbs in an accident or can’t move their hands or legs can make use of this great technology. 

Educational Purposes

When you combine multiple technologies together like augmented reality and smart glasses you can come up with a great device that can help medical students study the human body in an efficient way, the same concept can be applied to other fields like engineering and so on. 

Police and Security 

You may have seen in a movie, where police put a band or a wearable device around a suspect or a criminal to prevent him from leaving a certain area like his house, when he does, the device sends a signal to the police so they come right away before he escapes. 

Wearable computer disadvantages

Such amazing devices have their dark side as well, below are some of the disadvantages of wearable computers that you may agree or disagree with. 

Privacy Invasion

Some people claim that wearable computers or devices invade other people’s privacy because it collects data about them which makes them less comfortable. 

But it’s necessary for these devices to act this way in order to follow your eye or body activity to give a proper estimation of how good or bad your condition is. 

Heat Dissipation

Any device containing a microprocessor should produce some kind of heat or as some may call it “Heat Dissipation”, thus, these devices can affect the skin of a human being if they produce much heat. 

They are susceptible to liquids 

Because you have the ability to wear these devices on your body or clothes there is a good chance of dropping some water or juice on them which will cause them to fail, without mentioning, of course, the high cost you got them for. 

Future Ideas for Wearable Computers 

These ideas may not be out yet but they’re amazing in concept. 

Taking pictures and videos

Maybe in the future, we can invent a wearable lens that can capture pictures and videos without moving our hands or taking out any cameras. 

You may have noticed this idea in a TV series or a movie.

Controlling Things With your eyes

Controlling the elements you see on a computer screen without using a mouse or a keyboard is great. 

You can do things like playing games or browsing the web using just your eyes. 

The eyes of blind people 

Another great idea which can be used to help blind people find their way by avoiding obstacles with the help of artificial intelligence and image processing, I’m not sure if someone has invented something like this or not but it’d be cool if someone did or will do in the future. 

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