Why PC is Better Than Mac & Why It Matters To You

The never ending war, Mac vs PC or Apple vs Microsoft, we all know it, the great debate, which one is better and why? Apple is so expensive, Windows is copying features from Mac OS X… etc. 

But let’s put the argument aside and talk about what makes the PC better than Mac, keep in mind that I have never tried the Mac OS X before, so the following points or cons are other people’s opinions plus my own perspective. 

Mac is more expensive than a PC

Well, we all know that, right? But why? Maybe because their computers last longer or maybe they’re using really good components, another theory would be Branding, what I mean by that is if you want to distinguish your company from other companies out there you have to be unique and creative, maybe Apple wants to make people think that if their products are expensive then they must be good, real good. 

Mac only supports specific types of hardware 

You can’t just take a random component and insert it into a Mac, Mac computers are designed in a special way to perform well. You don’t want them to ruin their reputation, right? 

I find it a smart idea, if I want to protect my brand from bad reputation or feedback then I’ll do such thing, Apple is making sure they are known for best performance along with the beautiful design. 

It’s bad for gaming

Not all games support the Mac OS, if you’re into games, and I mean heavy games, then getting a Mac is not a good idea. 

Playing high-end games on a Mac is a bad idea because it’s compact and very thin compared to most laptops, playing high-end games will result more heat. 

Can Windows games run on Mac?

But if want to get or already have a Mac then don’t worry, you can still play your favorite Windows games that don’t run on Mac OS X, Boot Camp is a great feature which you can use to install both Windows and Mac OS X at the same time, also called dual boot

You can build a Windows PC easily

Like building computers yourself? Well, with a Mac you can’t do much except for changing the RAM or the hard drive, you can’t just choose a specific type of motherboards or CPU and start building your own Mac, it doesn’t work that way, each Mac computer was built carefully so it behaves or function properly without many crashes or errors. 

But in the case of a PC, you can build and choose as many parts as you want as long as they’re compatible with each other. 

Support for Mac Computers

You can’t find Apple repair shops everywhere, if something goes wrong with your Mac don’t expect much help when you’re living on an island, Windows computers are more popular and almost all technicians know how to fix a PC. 

And Apple may have rules restricting their customers from dealing with a non Apple repair shop or they will lose their warranty. (I’m just assuming, I’m not sure if such rule exists)

Software Support 

Not all softwares out there support Mac OS X, the reason for this is because they’re not that popular, not all people can afford having a Mac computer or laptop, so software developers focus more on Windows because it’s more popular. 

Accessories Support 

Apple products support their own products, so you can’t get a cheap accessory and try to make it work with a Mac, a regular Windows PC is capable of doing all of this. 

Are Macs worth it?

Don’t get me wrong, I wish to have a Mac computer someday, it’s beautiful, powerful and simple. 

Despite all the cons mentioned above it’s still a great choice unless you want to spend less money or if you’re a gamer. 

Why you should still consider getting a Mac

They are almost immune to viruses 

Remember when I said that Macs are not as popular as Windows computers? It’s a con and a good thing at the same time, hackers are less likely to target Mac users because it’s rare to find them, they’re a minority, so that’s a plus point for Apple products. 

They last longer 

People claim that Macs last longer than a Windows PC or basically any custom built computer running either Windows or Linux, maybe it’s expensive but your Mac will live longer. 

No crashing every hour 

Because of the way Apple makes their products, ie (special hardware, unique operating system…) their Macs have less crashes when compared to other computers. 

All Apple products work seamlessly with each other

The same company is trying to make the life of its customers simple and easy by making all products work together in a perfect way, that’s another advantage of having the same products from one company such as Apple. 

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