ManyCam vs OBS | Which One Is The Better Video Recording Software?

To record videos and live stream videos right from your computer, you need software. And out of several options on the internet, ManyCam and OBS (open broadcaster software) are two popular options available that have been top picks for screen recording and live stream. 

Both software programs were designed to help with screen capturing, video editing, and live transmission right from your computer.  Although they function almost similarly at the core, there exist some differences (and limit to each of them) when you consider the way they operate, pricing, effects, transmission resolution, and more.

If you’re looking for the better pick between ManyCam and OBS, this ManyCam vs OBS review is ultimately where you need to be.

Let’s dive in and see how we rated both software programs.



ManyCam is a dedicated webcam and video streaming program developed by Visicom Media Inc. and allows you to stream and create live video broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

The software has a pretty high transmission speed making it a popular choice for streamers. ManyCam serves as a middleman between your webcam and the app you want to connect which could be Twitch, Facebook Live, Skype video call, and more. Plus, ManyCam is compatible with these operating systems Windows, macOS, Android, and IOS.

ManyCam has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. And unlike OBS, it comes with a one-click away panel by the right containing various video functions including green screen, effects, screenshots, video drawing, interview type texts, transmission effects, and more.

Talking price, the ManyCam software is available for you to download for free, install, and try out to clear any doubts. But the free version comes without some functionalities and it will be beneficial to you if you upgrade to the full and paid version. 

ManyCam offers two different types of paid licenses – for individuals and businesses.

For individuals licenses:

  • Standard version – $29 annually (1 computer & 4 video sources)
  • Studio version – $59 annually (2 devices & 12 video sources)
  • Premium version – costs $79 per year (3 devices, 24 video sources & priority support)

For business licenses (with advanced features):

  • Enterprise 3 – $119 annually (supports 3 users)
  • Enterprise 5 – $189 annually (supports 5 users)
  • Enterprise 10 – $279 annually (supports 10 users)

You can save money currently if you purchase ManyCam. The creators of the software are offering a discount of up to 25%, so grab this opportunity, purchase it, and install ManyCam today.

If you plan to use the software for a very long time, you can also purchase ManyCam for a lifetime and you get a whopping discount (costs a little more than a two-year subscription).

ManyCam allows you to use multiple cameras attached to your PC for your live broadcasts and you can add special effects to enhance your live-streamed videos. This special video effects can be applied to achieve various effects on your video such as:

  • Adding a green screen (and other backdrops) to your background
  • Creating multiple picture-in-picture layers by putting together various video sources
  • Adding text overlay to your videos, and more
  • Adding 3D masks
  • And more

ManyCam allows you to get live video inputs from various video sources (up to 24 sources). These sources include webcams, your computer screen, images, pre-recorded videos, and much more. 

Using ManyCam’s inbuilt hardware acceleration tool, you are able to enhance your live broadcasts and increase the quality of your videos with ease and no additional load on your computer. 

And you can use the software is used to render, record, and stream high-quality videos in up to 4K resolutions without consuming your system resources (all thanks to the software’s inbuilt hardware acceleration tool)

Plus, you also get access to use ManyCam’s library of amazing live video tools to enhance your videos and the software is available on Mac and Windows.


  • Has a free version
  • Use special effects like a green screen, picture-in-picture, and 3D masks
  • Has hardware acceleration to speed up the video performance 
  • Record and stream videos in up to 4K resolutions. 
  • Use multiple video sources and cameras to project live video broadcasts


  • The free version lacks a lot of functionalities and you’d have to upgrade to enjoy the software 
  • The paid version is quite expensive 

Download ManyCam here

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Open Broadcast Software also known as OBS is a popular software developed for live video broadcasts. The solution was built by an open-source community and is a screen recording and video editing software that allows you to use multiple video sources, mix them, and create one video broadcast seamlessly.

OBS Studio does not only record from your webcam and mic but you can also get video footage from games, existing videos, still images, or even capture your screen, and more. 

You can either live stream and mix at the same together or record your video if would like to edit and cross-check mistakes before uploading. And OBS Studio is an open-source software making it free to be downloaded and used with no enterprise pricing plans.

OBS is free and a great choice for anyone that wants to create live broadcasts and is compatible with various operating systems including Linux, macOS, and Windows.

You get various module panels in OBS which you can arrange based on your preference. And you are able to open each panel in a separate window. The scenes panel (unlimited) allows you to add compose transitions from various sources like screenshots, images, texts, videos, GIFs, Webcams, and more.

You also have an audio panel to add sound you need to mix in your video and control the volume of each soundtrack. To ensure your transmission is clean, the Studio Mode helps you preview scenes before you broadcast them live.

OBS has a maximum transmission resolution of 2K. This helps you use a cap for your capture device.


  • The program is free to use
  • Can use OBS with various operating systems
  • You have an audio panel to add external sound
  • Edit each scene in your video
  • Add transitions from sources like images, texts, videos, GIFs, Webcams, and more


  • You can’t stream over 2K
  • Zero user customer support team since its a free, open-source program
  • The learning curve is too steep making OBS ideal for technical users

ManyCam vs OBS

Manycam and OBS are great options for screen capture and live streaming. They make it easy for you to capture your screen, edit video, and create live broadcasts.

OBS is completely free which is great (as it’s open-source) but it lacks no support in place. While ManyCam goes for $29 annually on its standard version but you get a free version with limited functionalities to test the waters.

When it comes to special effects, ManyCam shines with a variety of stunning video effects to make your broadcast look amazing. OBS, on the other hand, has none of this.

If you’re a basic user just looking for a software to record videos and stream, you can try OBS. but if you want something more with insane capabilities, great special effects, better quality from high video resolution, and more you shouldn’t look further from ManyCam.

Let me know what works for you in the comment box below.

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