Is A Humming Doorbell Dangerous? Can It Cause Fire?

Doorbells are electrical devices that are necessary for any household, they even got smarter by providing them with cameras and microphones and connecting them to your phone so you can view whoever stands on your doorstep, but sometimes the doorbell acts weird and starts to hum or make this buzzing noise, fortunately, in this article we’re going to explain the reason behind this humming sound and how you can fix it on your own.

Why does my doorbell keep humming? 

There are several reasons why this humming happens, it could be either the transformer, a stuck button, or the chime unit.

  1. The humming of the transformer is due to a magnetic field of the 50 or 60 Hz current causing the thin metal laminations of the transformer to vibrate and create the humming sound. this phenomenon is caused by something called eddy currents, this is normal and you shouldn’t be worried if the humming sound is hardly heard from a distance, you should only hear this sound if you get really close to the transformer, however, if the humming sound is noticeable from a distance then you should consider looking into the problem by replacing the transformer
  2. Overtime the doorbell button gets stuck or gets short-circuited, and because of that it starts humming, make sure that the button moves freely in and out, if it doesn’t then there’s a possibility it’s dusty or corroded or rusty, clean it up, or get a new one on Amazon.
  3. Another reason for the humming sound is a faulty chime unit, the chime unit is responsible for making a sound when someone presses the pushbutton, it’s said that a stuck solenoid could be the problem, even though it’s rare that the chime unit is faulty, if you could take a quick look at the inner parts of the chime unit you could figure out where the problem is or you could buy a new chime unit.

Is it normal for a doorbell transformer to hum?

Yes, it’s normal for a low-voltage transformer to hum but you shouldn’t hear the sound from a distance, you might not even notice it’s humming unless there’s something wrong with it.

Is a humming doorbell dangerous?

No, a humming is not dangerous, it’s a natural thing for a doorbell transformer to be a bit warm and humming, if it wasn’t humming before and you’ve had it for months or years and it started humming recently then it’s not a bad idea to replace it now.

Where is your doorbell transformer located?

The doorbell transformer is a step-down transformer that steps the voltage down from 120V to 24V or 16V depending on the doorbell system you have, it can be a bit tricky to find the transformer, you can find it in the attic, basement, or garage, sometimes you can find it behind the chime unit which is mounted on the wall. 

Video Doorbell Transformer Install

The process of replacing a faulty or old doorbell transformer is not that complicated, follow the steps mentioned in this video.

How to Reduce the Humming of a Video DoorBell System

There are two ways in order to reduce the noise or the humming sound of your doorbell. 

  1. Tighten any loose screws around the chime unit, the humming sound could be due to the vibrations of the mechanical parts or loose screws. 
  2. Install a chime power board, it’s designed to reduce the humming noise generated when installing a new doorbell system by regulating the amount of current provided to the chime unit, check out this guide on how to install this power board. 

You can also check out the video below for more tips on how to reduce the humming noise. The guy in this video recommends replacing the mechanical chime unit with an electronic one or by using a resistor. 

Can a doorbell cause an electrical fire?

Yes, any electric device can cause a fire, there are many reasons behind this, some of which are overheating, overloading, poor installation or insulation, short circuits… etc.

Do you have to turn off the breaker to change the doorbell?

Yes, it’s always recommended to turn off the circuit breaker before proceeding with anything related to electricity, use a testing tool or a screwdriver to make sure there’s no power left in the wires after you’ve turned off the circuit breaker then continue the replacement process.

How to tell if a doorbell transformer is bad?

By using a multimeter, you can test the voltage across the secondary windings of the transformer, if you get a reading of 16V then this means it’s working properly, otherwise it means it should be replaced soon. 

Call the support team

Here’s a quick tip, if you just got this doorbell and it started humming immediately after you’ve installed it then you should call the support team to get it fixed or replaced if it’s defective, just to spare yourself from the headache of going back and forth. 


There you have it, I hope you found this guide helpful, make sure to go through each step until you fix this issue, I tried to provide as many tips as I could find, go with the cheapest solution first and make your way up to the most expensive one, well, I hope you don’t reach that point, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment.

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