How To Fix The White Spots On Your Laptop Screen

A lot of people face these kinds of issues every day and be like why me? I was a good person, bad things happen to everyone whether you were good or bad so don’t frown, today I’m going to walk you through an issue that’s too small but noticeable and annoying at the same time.

Today I’m going to try to help you get rid of these white spots on your laptop screen, read on and don’t forget to check out the list of future precautions I’ve listed at the end of the post.

Why is there a white spot on my laptop screen?

You need first to check whether it’s a hardware or software related issue, if the white spots still appear when you’re logged into the BIOS settings then it’s a hardware problem, otherwise, it’s a software problem and you may consider yourself lucky because you won’t have to replace the screen.

If you want to investigate this further you can connect your laptop to an external monitor to make sure if it’s a damaged screen or a simple software issue.

A possible reason for these types of spots is that you pressed hard on the screen or there’s something pushing it from the back, remember what you did right before this issue occurred, have you slept on or pressed it by accident? If so then my work here is done, you need to take it right away to the nearest repair shop and let them have a quick look at it.

How to fix white spots on your laptop screen

I hate to break to you but I found out that the most common solution to this problem is to replace the screen, if your laptop is still under warranty go ahead and ask them to replace it for you, in some cases they may refuse to because you might have hit it against a wall or something, if they notice any physical damage I guess they’ll refuse to replace it.

I know this is not what you wanted to hear so I’ll list down a few possible solutions to help you with this problem.

Can you fix a dead pixel?

Dead pixel vs Stuck Pixel

Some people may confuse dead pixels with stuck pixels, a dead pixel simply means that a certain pixel is turned off or doesn’t show light whereas a stuck pixel means it shows only one color (red, green or blue), you can easily check for stuck pixels using online tools or desktop software where a software runs multiple tests (different screen colors) in order to find the defective one,here’s one you can use

So can you fix a dead or stuck pixel?

Well, during my research online I found some tricks that may resolve this issue but bear in mind that I recommend against doing this if your laptop is still under warranty, doing so may void it.

Press Gently on/around the dead pixel

Turn off your laptop and get a damp cloth and start pressing gently with your finger on the stuck pixel, don’t press too hard or use your nails so you don’t scratch the screen while doing that.

Cool Website!

There’s a cool website I found online that can help you fix these stuck pixels, it’s not guaranteed to work but hey it’s free and won’t cost you anything, here it’s

Future Precautions

In order to prevent this issue from happening in the future you need to follow these steps, eventually, paying attention is much better than paying for a new screen, right?

Get a protective case

If you take your laptop to work or move around a lot carrying it, you’re susceptible to dropping it down or hitting it against the wall, so you should consider getting a really good protective case.

Don’t sleep while your laptop is still on the bed

I think you already know it by now, some people like to work or use their laptop on the bed, remember to put it aside before you fall asleep, tiny tip but it’s worth it.

Never press too hard if it was a touch screen

Having a laptop with a touch screen is cool but it wouldn’t be cool if you get up one with white spots on your screen, I’d personally go against using a touch screen because it’s risky as you can see.

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    • nope, dead pixels and white spots can be caused by physical damage to the screen or hardware, in which case can’t be fixed without replacement/s.


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