VIVE Thermostat Not Turning On AC

Having a good and working thermostat is a good idea these days, it becomes a headache if you have to change the AC temperature every once in a while in order to have a good and comfortable temperature inside your house.

In today’s article, we’re going over an issue that you could have faced with your current VIVE Thermostat which is that the VIVE Thermostat doesn’t turn on the AC unit. 

We’ll lay out some steps and solutions in order to fix the problem, keep reading. 

Check If The Thermostat Is On or Off 

The first thing to do is to check if the thermostat is on or off, you can tell by looking at the On or Off state on the screen, if the display isn’t lit or showing anything then it’s a sign that the thermostat isn’t being provided by any power, it could be dead batteries, loose wires, or the circuit breaker is off. 

Try to check each cause one by one until you get it to work, if you’re sure that the power is being provided to the thermostat and the batteries aren’t dead then it could be that the thermostat has gone bad and needs to be replaced or checked by a technician or the company’s representative. 

Check The Thermostat Settings

Sometimes, we overlook simple stuff like not setting the temperature up to the desired value, if the set temperature isn’t low enough then the thermostat won’t tell the AC unit to start working, check the settings real quick to make sure you didn’t miss anything, who knows! Maybe one of the kids was curious and messed up the settings last night. 

Clean the inner components

It’s almost impossible to live in a dust-free environment, dust build-up can make electronic devices malfunction in addition to your thermostat too, turn off the circuit breaker on the main electrical board to cut off the thermostat power, then remove its cover and start looking for any dust or dirt accumulated inside it, also make sure to check for any loose wires or anything weird like burnt components, after you have made sure that everything is clean and OK, put the cover back on and turn on the power.

Reset The Thermostat

Sometimes, people resort to this option because it fixes some issues, if you’re lucky enough, maybe this option will work for you as well.

Remove batteries if it’s battery operated, if it’s not, just turn it off or remove the power cord from the outlet and turn it back on after 30 seconds or so. 

If your model has a reset button or reset option on the settings page, then doing so may help too. 

After you reset the thermostat, go over the settings and make sure that everything is set right. 

Contact the support team

If nothing above works for you, then you can contact customer service and ask them to send someone over to check the whole system, maybe the AC unit isn’t working properly, maybe it’s the thermostat, an expert will tell where the problem is after careful examination, maybe they will replace it if went bad or if it’s still covered by warranty. 

I hope this article helped you fix your issue, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment below. 

Featured image was borrowed from the VIVE website.

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