Lian Li O11 Dynamic vs Xl | Find Out Which One is Better

For the sake of those on the valley of indecision, that is, those who are obfuscated as to making decisions between the Lian Li O11 Dynamic and Xl, we have painstakingly engaged in rigorous online research by providing a full review of the two casings. After reading our review, it would be easy for you to make your choice. We will also make recommendations towards the end of the article. The review is structured thus; first and foremost, we will be providing a list of pros and cons of the Lian Li O11 Dynamic and Xl then their specifications before juxtaposing them to make a comparison. This way, it will be easy to make recommendations as to what PC case is superior and why we made that choice. Without wasting time, let’s go ahead.

Lian Li O11 Dynamic

The Lian Li 001 Dynamic is designed to maximize case performance as well as aesthetics. It uses SECC, Aluminium, and temperature glass for build materials. It supports three 3.5 inches drives and up to 5 2.5 inches SSDs. You also get support for up to nine 120mm fans and two 140mm fans.


  • Dimensions: 450mm x 450mm x 275mm
  • Net Weight: 9.7kg
  • HDD bay: 3.5″ x2 + 2.5″ x4
  • PCI Slot: 8
  • I/O: USB3.0 x2,USB3.1 x1,HD Audio
  • Fan/Cooling support: (Top) 120mm x3 or 140mm x2, (Bottom) 120mm x3, (Side) 120mm x3
  • Power Slot: ATX x2


  • We must commend it for its great aesthetics
  • The glass offers a fantastic view of the interior
  • It comes with enough room for two 360s
  • It is simple, minimal and boxy
  • It comes with a brushed aluminum accent that has a subtle blurred reflection
  • Unlike other cases, the glass panels do not mount with big bulky screws on every corner, but rather slot into place with the top panel securing it all down. Even the case feet follow the simple aesthetic.
  • The creativity inspired by the space this case comes with is very impressive because three 360 mm radiators can fit in it at a goal.
  • The power supply mounted behind the motherboard opens up for more possibilities to mount fans at the bottom directly under a video card. It will interest you to know that nine 120 km fans or six 120 mm fans plus two 140 mm fans can fit-in conveniently.


  • The review reveals that is has a bad QC. One reviewer complained that his damaged either during construction or shipping and a hook was missing.
  • bad RMA policies and lack of customer service
  • A reviewer’s personal experience indicates that his case arrived with one of the fasteners from the top panel broken off inside it but still usable without it as there are 6 more fasteners though.
  • If you want fans on the bottom and you have a USB 3.0 header on the bottom of your motherboard you’ll not be able to use it unless you order a low-profile 20-pin internal USB 3.0 extension ($15.00 from modmymods, similar prices from china sellers).
  • There are no cable tie points on the floor of the case.
  • Side panel window wasn’t completely flush against the front window. In this customer’s experience, he had to cram something under the side window to push it against the front window as there was a gap between them at the bottom. He also observed a stiff tubing pressing against the side panel glass slowly began to separate the lower front corner of the glass from the metal which fastens it to the case. His experience was that the metal is affixed to the glass with double-sided foam tape and it isn’t difficult to pry apart. He further took off the metal from the side of the glass that was pealing apart, scraped off the foam tape, and re-affixed it together with 3M VHB. In his words, “It seems a little more secure now, but I’m still paranoid about that corner peeling off.”
  • To keep the case from being “too wide” some width was sacrificed in the main chamber so check your GPU water block compatibility. Generally, if your video card has a wide PCB a standard water block will be too wide unless you can use some adapter to narrow it.
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Lian Li O11 Xl


  • Manufacturer: Lian Li
  • Type: ATX Full Tower
  • Power Supply: None
  • Side Panel Window: Tempered Glass
  • Power Supply Shroud: Yes
  • Front Panel USB:
  1. USB 3.2 Type-C
  2. USB 3.2 Type-A
  • Motherboard Form Factor:
  1. EATX
  2. ATX
  3. Micro ATX
  4. Mini ITX
  • Full-Height Expansion Slots: 8
  • Half-Height Expansions Slots: 0
  • Maximum Video Card Length: 446 mm/ 17.559 inches
  • Internal 2.5 inches Bays: 6
  • Internal 3.t inches Bays: 4


  • Lian Li’s excellent build quality, Magnetic dust filters, Razer Chroma RGB and Synapse integration, Reasonably priced


  • Tight fit in the back chamber with a large PSU and 3.5″ drive
  • USB 3.1 Type C headers still a bit hard to come by on modern motherboards, Magnetic strips on the dust filters a bit slim, which means they come off a tad too easily


Despite, these fantastic features of PC- O11 Dynamic focusing on flexibility with plenty of space for water cooling options with support for up to three sets of 360mm radiators

The full view front and side panel tempered glass allow for visibility of internal components while providing ease-of-use with a simple, tool-less design. Featuring a multi-chamber box design from Lian Li, the PC-O11 Dynamic chassis step back and focuses on flexibility with plenty of space for water cooling options with support for up to three sets of 360mm radiators. 

The full view front and side panel tempered glass allow for excellent visibility of internal components while providing ease-of-use with a simple, tool-less design. The Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic also supports USB Type-C out-of-the-box with its Type-C connector in the front panel. 

Our pick is the Lian Li 001 Xl because:

XL allows for much thicker rads, and/or an easier time doing vertical GPU while still having a bottom rad (which you probably don’t care about since you’re doing NVLink). Aside from fitting a 120mm rear fan, that’s it. Despite being wider, it still doesn’t support 420mm rads, which would have been easily doable with just a scant few mm of added depth. That said, the XL is still better if you want to spend ~$70 more to house thicker rads and don’t mind having a more full-sized tower taking up space on your desk.

Unfortunately: I couldn’t find it availiable on Amazon so you’d better check it out on other online stores or visit their official website to find out where they’re selling it.

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