Laptop Stand vs Books | Is A Laptop Stand Worth It?

Sometimes you need more speed, less heat, and a better performing laptop, but it all comes at a cost, so you start thinking about other affordable solutions that could reduce the laptop’s heat output resulting in more game time or even use it so your laptop doesn’t shut down every 5 minutes, let’s face it, laptops are a necessary commodity, having a slim and beautiful laptop can disregard the ventilation or cooling process, which is a necessary thing to keep your laptop running smoothly.

So in this article, we’re going to compare two popular solutions to face this kind of issue, the first solution would be a bunch of books, the next one would be a laptop stand.

So, what is it going to be? A Laptop Stand or books?

Laptop Stand


What is a laptop stand?

A laptop stand is basically a computer or a laptop riser, it elevates your laptop from the ground so you can use it easily and efficiently, it should be made of aluminum, wood, or any sturdy material to withstand the weight of the laptop, you can use it on your bed, on the ground, your desk…etc wherever you like as long as it’s suitable.

Putting a laptop on a soft surface like a bed or a pillow might clog its vents, so some people might use something like books or an egg carton to fix this issue, but other people might want to take it to the next level and get something fancy like a laptop stand with adjustable height and more options or features.

Is a laptop stand worth it?

Laptop stands are worth it when it comes to taking care of your health, take it from me, someone who suffered from back pain for years because of bad sitting posture or sitting for long periods, hunching or slouching could really hurt your back, neck, and shoulders and eventually, your productivity will decrease over time.

Getting a laptop stand with adjustable height could really help fix this issue by setting its height to a reasonable height that suits how tall you are and helps you maintain a healthy posture if you intend to use your laptop for a long time.

Search for computer ergonomics or laptop ergonomics for more information about this.

Does having a laptop stand help with cooling?

As mentioned above, you must place your laptop on a hard surface where your laptop can breathe through its vents, which could help a bit cool your laptop.

You might save yourself up a few degrees by just doing this.

Are laptop stands good for typing?

If you could maintain a posture or a configuration where you could simulate working on a regular computer with a keyboard then maybe, there are other factors other than just having a laptop stand, are you a fast typer? 

I know how difficult it is to type comfortably using a laptop but a good solution for this is to attach a keyboard to it, that way you get the best of both worlds.

Laptop Stand vs Books

We all know what books are so I won’t be giving any introduction or definition to it, but I’m going to point some things out.

We already know that using books is the cheapest option but that doesn’t make us think that laptop stands are useless, in the next few lines I’m going to compare between the two options so you can get the full picture of everything.

Having a laptop stand might be more useful, let me tell how, laptop ergonomics is very important for your health and well-being, if you tilt your body forward by a few degrees in order to start typing on your laptop you’ll hurt your shoulder, neck, and spine, if you only use books, it’ll be good to elevate the laptop by a few inches but you’ll have to tilt your body forward so the problem is still not solved, also the books could be slippy and your laptop might slip down and hit the floor, so what should you do? 

Laptop stands are designed to be titled so you don’t have to tilt and hurt your body, take it from me you don’t want to deal with this type of pain. 

Another good thing about laptop stands is that the surface is also made in a way that your laptop won’t slip down every few seconds. 

That way you will be able to use your laptop on a desk, laptop, or almost anywhere. 

There are also some laptop stands where you can put a keyboard under the laptop so you can get more comfortable using it. 

Books on the other hand are just fine if you’re on a budget, you can also make your own DIY laptop stand if you like to build stuff on your own. 

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