How to Keep Your Room Cool While Gaming [9 Tips]

Hey guys and welcome to another article, I was trying to write a post about how to get rid of the heat when you play games for a long time, especially in the summer.

It’s been proven that your processor and GPU are both responsible for the uncomfortable feeling you get when you play games for a long time, so there must be a way to cool it down a bit, right?

I’ve searched the web for any possible solution to resolve this problem so here they are.

Warning: just so you know, I’ve tried to gather as much information as possible, none of these solutions is as good as the other, try as many options as you can to get maximum results.

Portable or window AC unit

A lot of people recommended getting a portable or window AC unit, it’s cheaper and saves more energy, especially if you’re going to play for a long time.

Keep the window open

That’s obvious, right? Opening the windows may cool things down but some people said it’s not a good solution if it was in the summer, but consider this solution if you’re in winter, also, eventually the heat must go out and you can’t do that without opening the window.

If you live in a place where mosquitoes are everywhere, put a mosquito net to prevent them from going in.

A System of Fans on The Windows

Like the last tip but much better, here’s how it goes, you simply put a system of fans along with a portable AC unit, the AC unit will cool the room and the fans will take the warm air out of the room or you can just use the fans alone to form a kind of a circulation, the warm air goes out and the cold air goes in.

Water Cooling Isn’t an Option

You Can’t beat physics, huh? Unfortunately, you can’t, water cooling is indeed better than air cooling, but where does the rest of the heat go? It stays in the room, so whether it’s air cooling or water cooling it doesn’t matter, the overall temperature of the room remains constant.

Linus from Linus Tech Tips made a video about which proves this theory.

Move into another room away from the sun

Some people suggested moving away from the sun by staying in another room which will be in the opposite side of the house, clever, right? Well, this solution is “good” but not ideal, why? Because it’ll be useless if it’s not summer yet, the room would still get hot.

But it’s a temporary solution and who knows it may be the right one for you.

Put a standing fan next to you

Whether it’s standing or floor fan, you need to cool yourself down while playing for long hours, additionally, it’d be better if you put a box fan against the case or the heat source and put the case next to the door so the hot air goes out.

Get a better lighting

Get rid of the old bulbs and get better ones, the new ones shouldn’t emit much heat like the old ones, this is a tiny tip I know but every little thing helps, I don’t have specific types in mind but a simple search online should get the job done.

Get near the window and do this

Dig a hole in the wall, I know this may sound crazy a bit but I find very effective, the concept behind this is that you’re going to attach an exhaust coming out of your computer to the hole, that way you’ll get rid of the heat easily, a few people mentioned doing this, especially if you run more than one computer at the same time, the room will feel like an oven not mentioning the sun of the summer.

Extra Tips

Get half naked to cool yourself down

Don’t be shy, if it helps and it’s legit, so what?

Leave the door open

Always leave the door open along with the window so your room can breathe and form a kind of circulation inside the house.

Are you using a laptop?

If you’re a laptop gamer that’s even better, you can move around and sit at cooler places like the back yard or another room.

Take a break

Take a break every once in a while, make sure to shut down the computer when doing this, open your room’s windows and door to make breathe.

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  1. Been searching this situation to find answers and your 1st one is route I think I’m gonna go with… a portable a/c for times when gaming in summer… Just 1hr in and room is toasty… so think having something like this during summer time will be great! I also do the open window during winter months as well as close the vents in room that push in heat that’s on when restnof the house is cold and needs to be warm… but not while gaming!! So portable a/c now for Summer & Continue doing the closed vents + window open in winter!
    Anyway… cool article!


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