Gaming PC vs Gaming Laptop | Which One is Better & Why?

Have you been wondering lately if gaming laptops are good for you? Do you have a big budget and you want to spend all of it on a monster gaming PC or laptop? Hold your horses, because in this post you’re going to know why you’ll regret spending too much money on a gaming laptop.

I’ve already told you, a gaming PC is much better than a gaming laptop, but I can’t make any claims without proving my point.



Gaming PCs tend to be more powerful than gaming laptops, why? More cooling options, better components, and more RAM.

Gaming laptops, on the other hand, are more compact which will result in more heat output which will affect the overall performance especially the CPU.



Gaming laptops tend to cost more than a much powerful PC, with the same budget or price you can get a desktop PC the has a better CPU, GPU, and more RAM.

In addition to getting an expensive laptop, you’ll have to buy a new gaming keyboard and mouse and maybe good headphones too.


Future Upgrades

More space means more freedom, right?

You can already know it, if you get a gaming laptop it’ll be painful to replace the CPU or the GPU, doing that will void the warranty, the easiest thing you can do to a la is to add more RAM or replace the hard disk and that’s it I think.

But with a giant tower or computer case, you can do almost whatever you want, you can replace the CPU pretty easily, replace or add more GPUs, add more RAM, add more storage, and it’ll take you just a few minutes.



This is a plus point for the laptop, you can’t walk around with a desktop PC in your hands, especially a gaming one which is usually heavier than a normal one.

You can take your laptop anywhere, if you were in college or contributing to gaming contest like eSports and stuff like that.



Of course, you want your very expensive gaming laptop to last longer, right? I’m sorry to break it to you but that’s a downside, a gaming laptop won’t last long if you’re not careful enough, if you drop it down or hit against the wall or spill some water or coffee on it you’re done, my friend.

It’ll cost you a fortune to fix or replace it with another one.

On the other hand, if you spilled some water or coffee on your PC’s keyboard that’d be okay, you can easily get a new one or fix it if possible.

You hit the monitor by mistake, that’s okay, we can fix or replace it with another one.



By getting a gaming PC you’ll save a few hundred dollars and get a bigger monitor or dual monitors, or you can get a gaming or mechanical keyboard or mouse, ones which will last longer.

Or you can save those green papers to buy a new game or increase the storage capacity.

You have a lot of options to think of, more RAM or more storage you name it.


The Laptop’s Battery

Playing games for a long time will make the battery drain faster, someone said it’d only last for 1 – 1.5 hours max, I know, that’s bad news.

There are tips and tricks all over the web to help save more power but it’s not enough in my opinion.


Cooling Options

Cooling a laptop down especially a gaming one is challenging, some people will advise you to get a cooling pad and to put your laptop on a flat surface for better cooling, but with a desktop PC, you have more options, it’s bigger and has more space so the CPU won’t choke or burn to death, you have things like air cooling and water cooling, and you can add more cooling fans if you wanted to.

So remember, more space means more freedom.


Which one is easier to repair or maintain?

I think I’ve already made myself clear, a gaming PC is much easier to repair or maintain on the long run, and you can do it by yourself without visiting or asking a professional technician to do it for you, unlike laptops.

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