Top Reasons Of Gaming Laptop Overheating & How To Fix It

Do you face the problem of laptop overheating during gaming sessions?

If you do, then here you are at the right place! The overheated laptop needs to be cooled and there are several ways to do so. 

During the gaming sessions, the components of the system unit that are being used mostly are RAM, processor, graphics card, and cooling fans. These are the components under stress during heavy gaming on the laptop.

The load on the internal components of the laptop leads them to produce a lot of heat. 

This heat slows down the laptop or it may also turn off the laptop suddenly or without any warning. 

The first thing that caters to the heat in a laptop is its cooling system, so if you have a laptop with the best cooling, your laptop would not be producing lots of heat that regular laptops without dedicated cooling systems produce. 

Even if you have a dedicated cooling system, playing for several hours in a row makes your laptop produces lots of heat. 

Before moving on to the ways on how to cool down the heated laptop due to gaming, let’s discuss the effect posed by overheating on the laptop.

Effects of Overheating on a Gaming Laptop 

Following are the effects of overheating of a gaming laptop during gaming:

  • The keyboard can get hot
  • The cooling fans start producing rattling or grinding noises
  • Premature hardware failure may occur
  • The laptop shuts down without any warning

All these effects damage the laptop seriously from the internal aspect. But we need to control this heat and prevent these effects. 

Ways to control overheating of the laptop during Gaming

Ways to control overheating of the laptop during Gaming

There are many ways to tackle the overheating of the laptop during gaming sessions. One or the other way can help in reducing the heat of the laptop or make it cool. Following are the ways to cool down the laptop and remove heat from it. Let’s discuss each one of these in-depth

Use of the Cooling pads:

Cooling pads are good for laptops that throw out hot air from the sides and cool air from the bottom. This way the cooling pad will not lose its efficacy in cooling the laptop. 

So, it is best to be used in such laptops. The cooling pads actually make an external cooling system for the laptop through which it regulates the cold airflow through the laptop whilst removing the heat of the components. 

Use the laptop on Hard and Flat Surfaces:

The laptops have air vents in them through which they expel the hot air out and take the fresh cool air from outside into the laptop to cool it down. The flat and hard surfaces remain stiff and do not plunge in to block these air vents while the couches, duvets, or bed, etc. can fold.

Due to this folding, they block the air vents and the hot air remains inside which increases the temperature of the laptop. 

Play Games at low FPS and Graphic Settings:

High Graphics settings give high-quality images and videos. These crisp visuals increase the interest in the gameplay. But these also have a disadvantage of loading the components of the laptop. 

The parts like processor, Graphics card, and RAM get the most stressed. When these get stressed upon, they start producing more and more heat. This heat can damage these components. 

Some gamers love to use high framerates for a smoother gaming experience. This also affects the GPU and processor and they need to do faster calculations, render faster and work a lot more.

It is recommended to keep the graphic settings at medium. In this way, you won’t face the overheating of the components of your laptop while gaming. 

Clean and Check the Cooling fans often:

The cooling fans are installed in the laptops to throw the hot air out of the laptop. But if they are faulty or have stopped working, then they won’t remove the heat from the laptop. 

This way the system of the laptop will heat up and it may shut down without any warning. But how would you know that the cooling fans are faulty or acting up? 

To know this, there are two ways. Your ears can help you in this as the faulty or dead cooling fans either produce weird sounds or they do not produce any sound at all.

  • Rattling/Grinding sounds: 

If all the fans or any one of the fans start producing rattling or grinding sounds while you are playing games then that means the cooling fans are acting up and they are not working well. 

Due to which the excess heat is not being moved out and the laptop is heating up during gaming. 

  • Silent: 

If the cooling fan dies, ten it does not produce any sound while the laptop is processing. This is also a reason for heating up of laptop. These fans need an exchange.

So, keep yourself aware of the sound of the cooling fans. It is advised to get them changed in case of any defect. Clean them occasionally. Also, the internal portion of the laptop should be cleaned to remove dust and dirt that can damage the components of the laptop. 

Close Unnecessary Programs:

All the extra and unnecessary files, apps, or programs should be closed while you play the game. Use the task manager to close the unnecessary programs opened whilst you are gaming. 

Multitasking or opening multiple programs whilst gaming puts a lot of stress on the processor and RAM. This increases their workload and tends to generate a lot of heat. The Windows Task Manager can help you close all the extra opened programs easily in one go. 

To open the Task Manager, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Esc or Windows+U. Under the Processors tab, you can see the running programs, just right-click on the ones you want to close and select End Task from the Drop-down. This surely reduces the load on the system unit, and the laptop will cool down. 

Final Thoughts:

We hope the above-listed ways of getting rid of laptop heat during gaming would be helpful for you. Overheated laptops won’t be a problem for you anymore if you follow these. 

These will keep the laptop cool and ultimately you get a seamless gaming experience. So, Game Hard and beat the heat!

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