Best Android Emulators for Low End PC | Which One is The Best For You?

If you have an old computer or laptop with 2 core CPU and 2 GB of RAM then this article is for you, this is what we call a low-end PC, see, it’s 2019 already and technology evolves so fast, games that are being released every year require more CPU speed and even more RAM (8/16 GB), not mentioning, of course, the importance of GPUs, which is a critical component to run modern games with a good FPS and no lagging, I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about, but hey, don’t frown, even though it’s 2019 I still think of those people who live with a modest PC, people like you who are not hardcore gamers or tech savvies.

I think that there are two types of people who’re reading this post right now:

  1. An Android developer who’s just starting out and doesn’t have a big budget to buy a decent PC.
  2. An average user who has a low-end android mobile and wants to unleash himself and try out certain apps on his low-end PC, Maybe there’s a third type I forgot to mention, you tell me below in the comments :D.

Warning: Even though this article is intended to tell you about the best android emulators for low-end PCs out there don’t expect too much of a performance, eventually, you get what you pay for, right? (No these software are not paid :D), what I mean is, try to upgrade your PC as soon as possible because like I said, the world is evolving buddy and you’ve got to keep up with the changes, so let’s dive in…

P.S: Keep in mind that these programs are not listed in order. What I mean is, number 1 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one or vise versa (Although the first is the best one :D).


BlueStacks 4:


It’s the most popular one among all of the emulating programs out there with over 300+ million users all around the world, their site also claims that it’s 6 times faster than the Samsung Galaxy S9+, with such big claim I don’t think it’s suitable for low-end PCs, I know I know, so Shawky, why you’re mentioning it anyway? Well…

Let’s take a look at the requirements, with the BlueStacks 4 released, it requires a basic Intel or AMD CPU with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 4 GB of free disk space and also a decent graphics card if you’re into games.

However, if you want to level it up and take your gaming experience to a new level, check out the recommended requirements.

A minimum of multi-core Intel or AMD CPU with 6 GB of RAM (I know that’s a lot), and also a much better graphics card.

bluestacks Minimum system requirements


If you’re interested in downloading it follow this link.

MEmu player:



MEmu player is another android emulator that requires low requirements to run apps or games, if you check out their official website you’ll notice that they focus on games more than anything else like most emulators out there, maybe because you don’t need an emulator to run simple apps that you can run easily on your phone, right? Anyway, here’s the system requirements in order to run MEmu player…

Just like the one above you’ll need a basic Intel or AMD CPU with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM in addition to a good graphics card to run games smoothly, I mean that’s what you want eventually if I’m not wrong.

But the recommended requirements are way higher than the minimum ones, it’s because you need an Intel Core i5 with 16GB of RAM. crazy, right?

Here are some of the features…

  • You can play popular games.
  • You have the ability to run more than one account or multiple games at the same time.
  • It supports mouse, keyboard or even gamepad so you can play your favorite games with anything you want. (Play Freely :D)

You can always head over to their blog if you’re facing difficulties installing or running the software.

If you liked it, you can download it here.




AndyRoid comes with a satisfaction rate of 4.6 / 5 which is not bad, their website lists a lot of features but first let’s talk about the system requirements…

It requires a minimum of dual core CPU with 3 GB of ram, their FAQ page says it uses less than one GB of ram when running apps, I don’t really get this one but just in case gear yourself up with a 3 GB at least, it doesn’t, however, run on Windows XP (sorry guys but you must upgrade soon :D), so you should have at least Windows 7 SP1 in order to install it, lastly your GPU should support OpenGL 2.1

No mention of recommended requirements but obviously the higher the better.

Now let’s talk about the features…

  • Free (Duh!)
  • Supports both Windows and Mac
  • Multi-touch support
  • You can use your phone as a controller
  • Runs the latest version of Android
  • Sync between desktop and your phone
  • XBOX/PS controllers support
  • Camera and microphone integration

The list goes on and on, head over to their website to view the full features and to download, also make sure to check their FAQ page if you have any questions.

Nox App Player:

nox app player

With 2.2 GHz CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM you can run Nox app player, it’s also available for Windows and Mac users, these were the minimum requirements, you start to notice that getting more RAM is a good thing to run these emulators smoothly.

I noticed a weird thing while I was doing my research, there’re two sites that are claiming to be the official website for Nox app player, you can understand what I’m talking about by Googling it, anyway, this is a screenshot of its system requirements (I took from the official website, not the other one which looks unprofessional)

System Requirements of Nox App Player


let’s talk about the features of this emulator… (these features were taken from the unofficial website, I hope it also applies to the real software from the official one)

  • Nox app player is based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel
  • They claim it never freezes
  • Runs with the highest performance
  • The response speed is very fast and stable
  • Includes shaking features
  • Suitable for all kind of games

Other features from the official site:

  • Fast and Smooth

  • Absolute Compatibility

  • Supports keyboard, gamepad, script recording, and multiple instances

Go ahead and download it, looks promising 😀

Xamarin Android Player:

Xamarin Android Player


OMG! I took a lot of time to find the system requirements for this one, Android developers will be much familiar with this one as it’s accompanied with the Microsoft visual studio, which is a software development environment where you can create mobile and desktop applications.

If you’re just a junior Android developer who’s just starting out, you may find this suitable for you to try out your first application which in your case can be a simple calculator or a game ( the snake game if I’m not wrong 😀 ).

Visual Studio 2017 System Requirements


Actually, these were the requirements to run Visual Studio 2017, I think it’s the same thing if I’m not mistaken.

Head over to this page to download it.


This was it guys, I know the list is short, I’ll try to update in the future with more software, if you have any android emulator in mind please let me know below in the comments section, and if saw a broken link or whatever just give me a heads up to fix it, and eventually if you want me to talk about anything related to the PC world, again, let me know below.

Make sure to visit the contact me page if you have any inquiries or visit the about me page to find out more about me :D, Thank you.

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