Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fifth Generation Computers

The human brain is amazing, it never stops evolving or thinking, we even continue to think in our sleep.

Since the evolution of transistors and electronics, scientists and engineers never stopped working to discover and invent the most helpful and advanced technologies in order to make it easy for us to live simply without thinking too much or working too hard.

They keep inventing new methods to process huge amounts of data in order to understand our planet even more than we have ever known it.

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss the future of the fifth generation of computers, where it is today and what we should we expect from it.

How many types of computer generation are there?

There are 5 types of computer generations so far, the most recent and popular one is the fourth generation which you can find everywhere around you, i.e your laptop or desktop computer.

  • First Generation
  • Second Generation
  • Third Generation
  • Fourth Generation
  • Fifth Generation

What’s the fifth generation of computers all about?

Some resources claim that the fifth generation of computers was the idea of the Japanese government back in the 80s to create a computer which uses parallel processing and Artificial Intelligence using ULSI microprocessors rather than VLSI microprocessors.

Fifth generation computers are not present physically until this moment, only some applications of it or famous devices that utilize the power of AI and self-learning like Apple’s Siri or Windows’ Cortana, Google also uses the features of the fifth generation to sort and analyze the search results.

Another good example is personal assistants, no I’m not talking about the old personal assistants but the new and smart ones like Google Assistant or Alexa.

Advantages of fifth generation computers

A new generation of computers means more power, speed, and new functions, even though it’s still in the development phase here are some of its advantages.

  • The ability to understand human language.
  • The ability to recognize graphs and images.
  • The ability to self organize itself.
  • Self-learning abilities.
  • Parallel processing and more CPU cores mean more speed.
  • Hopefully less expensive than the recent generation.
  • Thinking more logically resulting in taking wiser decisions on its own to solve everyday problems.

Disadvantages of fifth generation computers

So far during my research, I haven’t found any, scientists and engineers are looking more at advantages of course rather than disadvantages, but since we’re talking about Artificial Intelligence and self-learning or self-organizing machines or computers then we can say yes there are some advantages to the fifth generation of computers.

Fear of Unemployment

AI is great but people think that it will replace their jobs in the future, that’s somehow true but it’s this is how the world works, people shouldn’t be afraid of evolving or adapting to the new technologies.

Taking over the world

Other people, maybe even the same people above believe that AI is evil and it’s going to take over the world like in the science fiction movies, it could be happen yes but it’s gonna take a lot of time and work before we can make such robots or computers which can think just like us, remember, the human brain is amazing and very hard to make something with the same ability or intelligence.

Spying on people

Another thought which is somehow true, some say that governments or large companies will use the power of fifth generation computers to spy on other people.

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